Voicing Entebbe with Christine Ayo

Last week I ran a two day workshop with 15 women for the Voicing Entebbe project. Initiated by Ugandan artist Christine Ayo ( who fundraised to build a monument in rememberance of the 23 women brutally murdered in Entebbe last year. No suspects have been apprehended and its significant has … Read the rest


Thoughts on the Panther

I have just finished reading Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin.

‘It was a costume ball- such functions mostly were because people at that time liked costumes. they liked them almost as much as they liked uniforms. Both served the same end: to avoid being who you were. You could pretend … Read the rest

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To Be or Not 2B


Earlier this year I was a participant on the East African Soul Train, traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa on the Lunatic Line. We were encouraged to collaborate with fellow artists in the confines of a moving train and create something that was reflective of our personal experiences. The theme … Read the rest


Afrikan Yoga on Morning at NTV

The practice of Yoga can be very rewarding. I have experienced increased energy, concentration and flexibility. I’ve also been able to relieve my anxiety and develop a deeper sense of well being.

I think its important to learn to love, appreciate and listen to ones body. Too often we are … Read the rest