Afro Futurism Uganda 2015

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The Laba Art Festival has started planning early. We usually meet in January to begin planning for the event which happens in June but this year we had our first meeting in November 2014. I’m very excited about the concept of Back to Future for next years Laba 2015.

I’ve been involved with Laba for the last 3 years, providing activities for children with In Movement- Art for Social Change.

If not attending a camp I sit on the artists committee. Right now we are recruiting new members in order to keep the festival relevant to Ugandan artists. We welcome artists at the organisational level because we need to claim this festival as our own and make it work for not only us but our communities. East African festivals are on the rise and we need to be on the map here in Kampala. For me Laba is unique, totally different from Bayimba or KLA art because we seek for it to be interactive. read more


Is Africa being invaded?


When a child questions how soldiers can help reduce the spread of Ebola, its something to think about. Conspiracy theories are numerous. Where did this disease come from and how has it managed to spread so fast? Kofi Anan is quoted as saying in the East African that the fight against Ebola wasn’t a high priority because it effects only Africans. In the same paper there are articles about scientist tracking the origins of the disease in order to determine its future mutations. The CDC has a patent on Ebola right now. All this sounds like the weapons of mass destruction to me. read more


Go back to your country

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We are African people, whether you accept it or not. You don’t have to go to Africa to be an African. If a cow is born in a pig pen, he is still a cow. The cow will always say “Moo” even though he is amongst pigs.” – Mutabaruka

Yesterday I was told to go back to my country. I was saddened and angered by the statement because I know my origins are on the continent of Africa. Before the imposition of geo-political borders we were a race who had many names but shared commonalities. How we related to each other was our highest axiological reference. The just treatment of people was an essential component of our humanity. As ancient Africans we were never afraid of difference, we embraced it as a reflection of nature and the creator. read more


New Intentions


Today is my last day shooting the film: New Intentions by Kihire Kennedy (behind second left).

Kennedy asked me to act for him about 2 years ago. He sent me the script and I read the first 3 pages and then put it down., because you know people can talk about what they want to do creatively but often it doesn’t happen. Between then and now Kihire was nominated and won best student film ‘Hang Out’ and raised funds to shoot his 2nd feature.

I embarked on this project 2 weeks ago,  learning lines and thinking about my character Mrs Magret Siki. read more


Poetry for the People


We are like fuses

that fit into the MotherShip.

If your fuse has blown

You can’t complete the circuit

Thoughts have weight


Dare to dream and visualise

that we live in a state

of conciousness, harmony and love.

Its starts with you and me

Channelling our energy positively.

I know at times its hard

when surrounded with negativity.

But stand strong, stand against the tide of individuality.

By Ife Piankhi


What is Creative Facilitation?


Creative Facilitation is what I do. I deliver learning using creative mediums -music, visual art, drama, creative writing, movement. Whatever the topic, learning can be delivered using creative tools.

People talk about creativity a lot these days. Some express that they are not creative because they don’t sing or dance but creative thinking is a skill which can be taught. However its a highly undervalued skill which is often overlooked.

What is creativity and why is it important?

Creativity is defined as using the imagination to create something. This may sound simple enough but these days with the influence of mass media, many young people no longer engage the imagination (creating images in ones mind) because they receive stimulus from watching images on screen.  Thus the ability to see things that don’t already exist has been stunted.  I am a creative person because as a youth I read a lot, listened to a variety of music and danced.  I also spent many hours in the garden with my mum as she planted food and herbs.  I believe this gave me an appreciation of processes which is also essential component of creativity. read more


The empty purse


This week I posted on my FB page that my purse was empty and this was a blessing because it forced me to look at how I am in the world without money. To be honest it wasn’t pretty. I was visited by anxiety, doubt, frustration and a lot of fear.

When I reflect on my life, I’ve always had enough to do what I wanted and if I didn’t I would just work until I made what I needed. For the first time in my life my purse was empty and I had no clue where the next coin was going to come from. read more


The Gratitude Challenge

Today my friend Abundance of Creation challenged me to participate in the gratitude challenge. I had seen her post earlier but didn’t read it due to limited time. So when my night time bundle became active I read her post on Facebook. I was surprised to see my name at the end of the paragraph after reading the following:

I nominate Ife Piankhi and Birikiti Pegram to do the GRATITUDE CHALLENGE listing 3 things daily for 7 days that you are thankful for and nominating 2 people each day to do the Challenge. read more


To be a New African


Indentity changes based on time and situations. I am one thing to someone and something totally different to another.

But I question myself sometimes about who I really am, or maybe the question should be who do I want to be?

When I moved to Africa I relished the fact that I was unknown, I could present pretty much what I wanted people to see.

I wanted to explore my true face or the face I wanted to create for myself.

Like Marimba Ani I believe Africa is in my DNA. Its a way of being for me that seems to be steadily disappearing as Africa rushes forward to modernity and development but maybe that is just in the urban centres, in the villages it could be different. That’s why my next episode will be to live in rural Uganda. read more


Learning to release


 I got issues, I wont deny. Been crying alot lately and I don’t know why

(but now I do, its a supermoon tonight).

Just when I think I have overcome the pain, I find the emotion has not gone, its just moved deeper into my body.

So last night I meditated on release. Repeating the word over and over, I sensed the tension in my hips, and my neck.

Its not important to name the emotion you want to release but to allow the release to happen.

The body has such great wisdom, and I’m growing in my awareness of it. I no longer want to repress anything, holding read more