Living in the Era of Trump


Slowly the ink flows to the nib.

A few shakes in the air and it begins to write.

I am chronicling the Age of Trump.

As it begins, who knows where it will end.

But he’s given us a heads up.

To make America great again, by any means necessary.

What irony

Is this once again a case of the chickens coming home to roost?

What goes around, comes around and America has some

Superpower karma coming its way.

So what to do?

In this age of Kali Yuga, destruction is the order of the day.

But there is always a rebirth,

a New Life.

So let’s prepare for that.

What would that world look like?


I see it

I feel it

I wish to describe it.

Its infinite possibilities, focused on the development of a new way.

There’s been no era like this one.

This is the age of Donald Trump.

There’s been lots of name-calling and exposure of a lack of character.

And the question

‘Will he be running the empire between tweets’?

Everything is up for grabs.

Get ready for the corporate feeding frenzy.

As he lines up his prey.

No support for family planning and alliances with Russia.

We are heading for an Indian summer and problems with China.

The sun will shine on the corporate sector, turning the earth into a desert.

Capitalism needs fuel to feed its lifestyle.

So what would happen to the American mind if there were no power, no fuel, and no water?

It’s a powder keg waiting to go off!

But hold on…

Let’s not get traumatized with images of apocalyptic whoa.

This is our opportunity to shine, to define our times.

To be present with the challenges and strategic in our vision.

They say Rome was not build in a day.

So let’s take the long view.

It starts with you and me, challenging our energy positively.

I know at times it’s hard when surrounded by negativity.

We just want to burn a Trump effigy.

But my mother told me

‘You can’t fight fire with fire, you need a little water’.

You know water is feminine, right?

So you see the march on Washington DC?

Is Pussy power!

Should we be afraid, very afraid?

Absolutely not

This is the New World Order.

Take a deep breathe, place your hand on your heart and feel.

Feel our connection to each other.

Fell our inter connection, our co dependency, our global perspective.

Put aside geo politic borders.

Put aside physical appearances.

Put aside hierarchy.

Put aside gender, because souls have none.

This is the Kannagara tribe and our god is Love.

So, as you write your protest letters,

As you light up social media with your passion and your progress.

As you connect with the global community of like-minded soul-diers.

Fill your works with Love, positive intention and balanced thinking.

Be present with your feelings, so you don’t loose your humanity.

Which is easy to do in the era of Trump.

Don’t get it twisted.

We are going into battle, but it’s up to us to resist.

The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure.

We are going to another level.

Some will pout and doubt because they don’t have faith.

But who feels it knows it.

So let’s get organized, mobilize, strategize, advertise our opposition to his plans.

Don’t be a useless eater.

A sleeping consumer.

Wake up!

And smell the coffee, it’s a new brand.

Freshly brewed, not stewed.

By Ife Piankhi

©copyright 2017