Afrikan Yoga on Morning at NTV

The practice of Yoga can be very rewarding. I have experienced increased energy, concentration and flexibility. I’ve also been able to relieve my anxiety and develop a deeper sense of well being.

I think its important to learn to love, appreciate and listen to ones body. Too often we are not in tune with our bodies until we become sick then we begin to notice what is going on!

With the practice of yoga you become more sensitive to your body and learn to respond.

Based on my own practice and the teaching of others, I’ve realized its really important to take time with ones body, to nurture it, to respect it. Learning to slow down is important to personal development. It give us the opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate especially as we live highly stressful lives.

With all this in mind, my hope is to introduce the practice of Yoga to Ugandans and to encourage them to stretch regularly. Every Monday from 8.30am we are stretching, but once you get a taste Im sure you will want more.

I am available for private (home visits, booked in 10 week blocks) where I can assess and tailor sequences to meet your unique needs. Consult with you on wholistic well being which includes nutrition.

This is my preference for beginners as its very easy to get distracted by life and not show up for class. If however you feel that group stretching will motivate and inspire you then I hold a public class every Monday at 32Degrees East in Kansanga from 6pm. (please pre-book your place by emailing me at

I look forward to stretching with you

Hotep (peace)