Imagine This


Picture this…………..humanity lives in small communities of people who have enough land to feed the whole group. They make their own clothes and shoes. They have a borehole but no electricity.

They use use solar energy to cook with, heat their water and light their homes. They allow no plastic into the community. They meditate everyday, exercise and use herbs to heal their sick.

When conflict arises they meet in a heart circle and hear each others complaints in order to find a solution. They will talk until they reach consensus.

If they are unable to come to a mutually beneficial solution they take the conflict into sleep to see what answers come and try to tackle it again the following day.  Or, they refer it to an honourable

elder to inform the decision.

People can choose to be monogamous or polygamous as long as its beneficial to the children born of that community and for the individuals involved. Violence of any kind is not tolerated.

They create art for healing, make everything they use. Use permaculture principles to maintain the health and productivity of the land.

The women birth naturally in the company of other women, children and fathers. During mensturation women can leave the community to be with themselves and have people prepare food for

them. There is no such thing as the ‘curse of the womb’. Children are raised in community and can move from family to family as they choose.

Children are planned because men know how to retain their seed, ejaculating only when a child is desired.

They eat communally. They deal not with money but skills and barter trade.

They honour nature and always ask permission before taking anything from the earth. They refuse to cut down trees. There are no governments, no borders, no passports, no planes or cars, no

fossil fuels, no corporations , no wars.

How do you feel after reading this?

I realize we are in entropy, because we have been limited by the box. The box represents family, survival, money, sex, power, fear. But we hang onto these things because we believe its who are are.

Instead we can extend the box by:

1. Cultivating a connection to the divine

2. Building our self esteem – our will, choice, self expression

3. Explore our emotions but not become attached to them

4. Develop maturity – through experience come intellect and wisdom

5. Thinking beyond failure. Success is not always necessary. The process is where the growth occurs.