Diamonds can be found in the Ghetto

I don’t believe in coincidences, I think all things happen for a reason, even if at the time we don’t understand why. Everything has a purpose and a reason.

I realized that the other day after my bag got stolen by a boda boda rider that the events in my life are meant to encourage me to reflect on the quality of my relationships.

There is a saying that ” misery likes company”. You have those friends who seem to come around when either you or them have problems. Lamenting on the situation (often negative) but never coming up with solutions.

Then you have the “good time friends”- the ones who want to tag along to be associated with you and share the limelight or your cash.

The friend who is concerned for your welfare, rejoices in your successes without envy. The one who can speak to you with sometimes brutal honesty because of how you allow yourself to be treated. The one who comes looking for you when “you’re lost”, or gives you their last coin because you need it more than they do, are rare gems.

I told my students the other day that diamonds are just dirt, but due to time and pressure they develop into the gems, which are then cut and polished to be sold at high prices.

The year has already started and I’m feeling the pressure. I was looking forward to 2015 and it started so well. I had a wonderful birthday and spent time with people who I care about.

But maybe that’s my immaturity. The middle path is that place where whatever happens good or bad, you remain peaceful and alert because the happiness one feels is not determined by the external events but by your inner contentment.

I cried like a baby when my bag was stolen, shouted at a friend because I blamed him for not escorting me (one of the rare times he didn’t). Threw my hands to heaven to ask what the lesson was.

What keeps coming through is to improve my relationship with myself. Learning to be my own light, to give myself the love and time I so willing give to others. To spend time alone and not see it as something being wrong with me. To learn not to be so “nice” all the time for fear of people not liking me.

Events in life show you where you are at. Life will always be life. Bad things happen to good people and those who do bad things get away with it.

The true success is to modify ones reactions and attitude to the events.  To not smile and say you’re OK when obviously you are not. To accept what you are feeling but not get attached to the emotions because in time they will change.

To become the silent, non- judgemental observer of your own mentality. To find inner stillness through which inspiration and creativity come. To release guilt for not having maintained the image of the strong man or woman and just cry if you need to.  To be none attached to people, places and things.

This is done with the knowledge that “in time, this too will pass”.

To seek the kingdom of heaven within because that is where the riches truly lie.