ife scowling

Drowning in the depth of my mental

Its hard to breathe deeply

I struggle to find my peace of mind.

Its shrouded in anxiety.

I want to die

then I wouldn’t have to straddle the middle,

masquerading as a strong African woman.

How will I ever find the balance I feel at times

When surrounded by trees?

Free from the urban market flows.

Noisy, polluted confusion over takes my mind.

Mystical levels lay beyond the living.

I believe I will find my peace of mind in the darkness

Its calling me,

come home, come now.

But how will I go?

I wish to depart on a peaceful note

but there is a storm inside, I feel it raging.

Swirling and competing for my psychic energy

I’m afraid I will never find my livity.

It seems so far away and there is always a price to pay.

By Ife Piankhi 2014