I want to act from my strongest self. This is a concept a friend of mine Sheron Wray introduced to me this week.

It means I have safety within, my actions are congruent with my higher values, I’m present rather than living in regret about the past, or anticipation of the future. I focus on what can be done, rather than on self blame for lose or misfortune and I have a connection to the deeper resources of the higher self that results in EASE rather than lonely struggle.

Now this concept has been developed my modern neuroscientist who say  this can be accessed through the breath and a sigh as you exhale, which signals the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system located in the forehead.

One of my mentors Dr Llaila Africa teachers that the parasympathetic system is feminine and the sympathetic masculine. Not in gender but in energy. To be feminine is to be passive and receptive and to be masculine is to be active

I’m learning to balance my masculine and feminine energy. I think I am most at ease whilst teaching and performing.

So here’s one of my Ease moments at the Karibu Music Festival Bagamoyo 2014



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