10376715_10152182278321782_511783444071487125_nTo be honest I’m looking forward to the closing of the year 2014. Its been a real challenging year on a number of fronts personally and globally, ‘there’s so much trouble in the world’ as spoken about by the honourable Bob Marley.

Sometimes I wonder if humanity will ever evolve beyond our ego’s and start living from the heart.

Its a scary prospect I suppose to allow ourselves to be vunerable. To give without thought of receiving, to share whether we have a little or a lot.

I know there are good stories out there but we seem to be surrounded by so much bad news it can really leave a person hopeless and depressed.

I question where we are going wrong, we have so much potential as humanity but we seem to want to continue the same patterns of war, greed and envy.

Are there good stories out there? Ones that inspire us to keep moving on and improving ourselves even though sometimes life seems like a struggle? Or is life just meant to be like this? And through the process of adversity we become better?

We have so much ancestral knowledge available to us, not just in books but in our bones and blood. We can tap into that divine spark if we just take the time to be still and quiet.

I took a group of young people to a festival in one of Ugandans most beautiful gardens. We didn’t get to do what we had planned but what I did notice was the sense of freedom they had. They played, laughed, had conversations and felt relaxed in the company of their peers. Nature is truly a healing balm for humanity.

Being in the natural world gives us so much according to Randy White when children play in the natural environment they gain the following:

Improved cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills.

Helps develop powers of observation and creativity, instilling a sense of peace and being at one with the world.

Play is more diverse and imaginative, fostering language and collaborative skills

So it seems obvious……lets spend more time in nature.










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