New Intentions


Today is my last day shooting the film: New Intentions by Kihire Kennedy (behind second left).

Kennedy asked me to act for him about 2 years ago. He sent me the script and I read the first 3 pages and then put it down., because you know people can talk about what they want to do creatively but often it doesn’t happen. Between then and now Kihire was nominated and won best student film ‘Hang Out’ and raised funds to shoot his 2nd feature.

I embarked on this project 2 weeks ago,  learning lines and thinking about my character Mrs Magret Siki.

A deeply loving woman who is betrayed by her husband, Benon.


However the bond of love between her adopted daughter Wellona is something she wasn’t expecting.

I’ve enjoyed acting in this movie and participating in the developing film industry of Uganda. I’m hoping it will be shown

at Gulu Film Festival next year and that it will be exported abroad as a very good example of quality African Film.

Maisha Film Lab is doing great work nurturing film makers in Uganda and I hope that into the future we can create

better scripts which speak on the great legacy of African Stories and experiences. There is more to the continent then



Heres an example of a great documentary coming out of Maisha Film Lab

Rastasophical Mood