Learning to release

861405_806683702694091_1047140380_o I got issues, I wont deny. Been crying alot lately and I don’t know why

(but now I do, its a supermoon tonight).

Just when I think I have overcome the pain, I find the emotion has not gone, its just moved deeper into my body.

So last night I meditated on release. Repeating the word over and over, I sensed the tension in my hips, and my neck.

Its not important to name the emotion you want to release but to allow the release to happen.

The body has such great wisdom, and I’m growing in my awareness of it. I no longer want to repress anything, holding

water in my mouth does not help me, but if I know you will be offended by what I have to say, I will stay away. To keep the

peace and use the silence to work my emotions through.

At least I know I’m moving to a place of health and well-being. The journey continues