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Yesterday was the first Rwandese/Burundi Nite at Zion Train. It was the first time I had seen and heard Rwandese music and dance. I was thoroughly amazed and inspired. What beautiful movements, I was so overwhelmed when I returned to the stage to MC I could hardly speak. Wow.

I hope that on Saturday 2nd August – Ife Unplugged will be just as inspiring for those who either participate or come to listen.

Increasingly I am seeking respite in my creativity and collaborations. Urban living can be so tiring and challenging at times as we all struggle to survive in the concrete jungle.

I’m looking forward to sharing and showcasing my current work which is in collaboration with Kaya Sanaa and Trevor Kibirango. Two very talented and inspiring Rasta Men who are so creative and grounded.

With these two beautiful souls as well as 7 others we are in the process of registering our CBO Kazi Pamoga UG. Our aim to empower women and youth with our skills in an attempt to assist them to live better.

I feel very blessed to be working with people who I can create with, eat with, laugh with, share with. We are all very committed to making our communities work better. We don’t cry for governments to do what we as people can do for ourselves.

This is what Ife Unplugged is about, using what we have. What we have is our voices, our instruments and our creativity.

Looking forward to seeing you and sharing some inspiration and love around the Nyabingi Fire

Ife Unplugged: Zion Train, Plot 843 Off Buziga Road, Bunga Hill Kampala

Time: 7pm

Entry: 5k

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