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Zion Train- Get on Board

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Yesterday was the first Rwandese/Burundi Nite at Zion Train. It was the first time I had seen and heard Rwandese music and dance. I was thoroughly amazed and inspired. What beautiful movements, I was so overwhelmed when I returned to the stage to MC I could hardly speak. Wow.

I hope that on Saturday 2nd August – Ife Unplugged will be just as inspiring for those who either participate or come to listen.

Increasingly I am seeking respite in my creativity and collaborations. Urban living can be so tiring and challenging at times as we all struggle to survive in the concrete jungle. read more

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Ife Unplugged- Saturday 2nd August 7pm @Zion Train Buziga Road, Bunga Hill Kampala


Inspired by Laba Art Festival 2014 when at the end of the night there was a campfire and no amplification. Artists sharing their thoughts and music, people listening, singing together as a group. So I’ve been thinking about how to distill the essence of what I do as a poet and a singer with an environmental message.  Ife Unplugged is the answer.  When I’m in nature I’m at my best. Surrounded by the natural elements of earth, fire, air and water I feel closest to my creativity. When i lived in London this is what i craved the most, to be able to be outside living close to the earth, observing her cycles in order to better understand myself. For 7 years a friend and I would  organise an event called Ancestral Gathering. It was our attempt to spend some quality time in nature in community. It started first in our homes and when we became too many we searched for venues that could cater to our needs of communal living, outdoor space for activities and of course trees we could hug! I think we were successful in bringing people closer to each other and themselves.  Through the process of organizing Ancestral Gathering it was possible to connect more with people when we are speaking and sitting close to one another, usually in a circle the energy once created continues to circulate through the people. We become co creators and initiators giving and receiving sound. read more

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True Stories


Concluding the project Young Writers for Peace, initiated by Writing Our World. A group of us traveled to Gulu to hear the real life stories of people who had experienced the war in Northern Uganda.

As a part of the field trip we wanted to practice, presence, active listening and speaking from the heart.  When we talk about conversations our minds immediately go to having something to say, seldom do we consider that great conversationalist listen more than they speak. Its also true that all people want to be seen and heard. Being able to listen totally to people as they relive sometimes very traumatic experiences is truly a gift to them. read more

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Afrikan Yoga Classes for Women

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Starting in January i will be running AY classes specifically for women as i feel the practice is particularly benefical for women.

According to Eckholt Tolle – Women are more inclined to enlightenment because they can transcend their pain body and evolve – New Earth

So sisters why not join me, get into shape and also get enlightened!! Go on treat yourself.

Tuesdays  from  4th March@ In Movement Art for Social Change Kansanga 6pm *all welcome

Saturdays from 8th March @ Bukoto *visit fitclique256 on Facebook* a woman only class read more

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Triple C

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A monthly evening of poetry, visual art and conversation which aims to develop new audiences for both venue and artists
Triple C represents a new era of Ugandan Culture offering a space for the general public and artists to meet, interact, and discuss their work. There is also the added value of experiencing Ugandan coffee from different regions. Following on the legacy of events such as ‘meet the artist’ at the National Theatre, Triple C is an evening of poets (2) reading extensively from their work and Visual Artists (1) exhibiting their work in a non traditional environment. The evening will be curated and MC’d by Ife Piankhi one of Kampala’s finest performers and creative facilitators. read more

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Watch ‘Someone Clap For Me’ – Engaging Short Film On Kampala’s Burgeoning Poetry Scene By TAMBAY A. OBENSON


A side of Uganda (specifically Kampala, the largest city and capital of Uganda) that we often don’t get to see here in the USA, and which I hope you will appreciate…

Poetry has become something of a phenomenon in Kampala in recent times, just as much as the political turmoil that tends to dominate headlines both locally, and internationally.

In the below 10-minute short film directed by the Qatari filmmaker Luciana Farah, titled Someone Clap For Me, learn about this so-called “Poetry Movement.”  read more