To be a New African


Indentity changes based on time and situations. I am one thing to someone and something totally different to another.

But I question myself sometimes about who I really am, or maybe the question should be who do I want to be?

When I moved to Africa I relished the fact that I was unknown, I could present pretty much what I wanted people to see.

I wanted to explore my true face or the face I wanted to create for myself.

Like Marimba Ani I believe Africa is in my DNA. Its a way of being for me that seems to be steadily disappearing as Africa rushes forward to modernity and development but maybe that is just in the urban centres, in the villages it could be different. That’s why my next episode will be to live in rural Uganda. read more

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Documenting our African Experience


I had the pleasure to see my good friend Sheron Wray after 4 years of separation. It made me realise for the first time all that I have left behind in terms of friendships and connections. I suppose it was necessary for me to let go as I embarked on a new life on the continent, otherwise you pine for those left behind and fail to move ahead. I didn’t think  what I was doing was such a big risk (moving back to Africa). I just knew I had to do something different. I had just emerged from one of the lowest points in my life and I thought well I have nothing more to loose, so let me try something new. My journey continues to be filled with challenges and opportunities as I seek to re-establish myself as a citizen of the continent of Africa. read more

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Singing for the Heart Written by Ife Piankhi

Right now, with the growth of the creative industry globally and the culture of “bling” as perpetrated by mainstream artists, I think a lot of people think it’s a way to make fast money. It looks glamorous, being on stage, mingling with stars, having lots of money—which is a myth, there is always a price to be paid when signed to a major label—nice clothes, fast cars and beautiful men and women around you, but in fact it is a profession that takes a lot of commitment, practice and hard work. read more

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Watch ‘Someone Clap For Me’ – Engaging Short Film On Kampala’s Burgeoning Poetry Scene By TAMBAY A. OBENSON


A side of Uganda (specifically Kampala, the largest city and capital of Uganda) that we often don’t get to see here in the USA, and which I hope you will appreciate…

Poetry has become something of a phenomenon in Kampala in recent times, just as much as the political turmoil that tends to dominate headlines both locally, and internationally.

In the below 10-minute short film directed by the Qatari filmmaker Luciana Farah, titled Someone Clap For Me, learn about this so-called “Poetry Movement.”  read more