The Feminine Fight Club



The feminine fight club was born on the 6 th July 2016. In a kitchen two women grappled each other to

the ground where one sustained a twisted ankle. It had come as a shock, the burst of energy that

erupted from the younger woman. It was the … Read the rest


The Queen of Katwe


I’m coaching some of the child actors for a film being shot in Kampala called the Queen of Katwe. Its a success story about a Ugandan girl, Phiona Mutesi who learnt how to play chess and  has since gone on to became  the youngest African chess champion. Its a

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The Layer Beneath

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I’ve had a very hectic but inspiring week. I travelled to Lira for a Peace Camp where I facilitated and trained young people from all over Uganda and the US. Then leaving Lira by coach back to Entebbe for the ‘Layer Beneath’ Camp training young people in the Art of … Read the rest


Afro Futurism Uganda 2015

hoodie black and whiteThe Laba Art Festival has started planning early. We usually meet in January to begin planning for the event which happens in June but this year we had our first meeting in November 2014. I’m very excited about the concept of Back to Future for next years Laba 2015.

I’ve … Read the rest


New Intentions


Today is my last day shooting the film: New Intentions by Kihire Kennedy (behind second left).

Kennedy asked me to act for him about 2 years ago. He sent me the script and I read the first 3 pages and then put it down., because you know people can talk … Read the rest


Gulu is the future


Being an immigrant means you don’t have to adhere to the stereotypes and prejudices of the natives. When I arrived in Uganda I knew nothing of its history. One of the realities of living in Africa is you realise that there is no ‘African’ Identity, instead there are many tribes … Read the rest

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Peace Corp Camps



As a creative facilitator I get the opportunity to work with different organizations. Peace Corp, Pontentium Youth Centre, Memprow, Writing Our World, In Movement, United Youth Entertainment to name but a few.


For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working with Peace Corp Volunteers, training them and assisting in … Read the rest